Thrive​ ​by​ ​Re-establishing the Flow of Love​ ​in your Life​!​

“When we understand the systemic laws that allow love to unfold, we may be able to help suffering families and individuals to find solutions.”
Bert Hellinger

What are Shamanic Constellations?

Psychotherapy to treat body, mind and emotions through the soul. Combination of Native American and African Healing Arts: Sacred Drumming, Power Animals, Energy Cleansing, Smudging, Songs and Teacher Plants with Bert Hellinger's Systemic Philosophy.
  We unconsciously follow our ancestors, the forces of nature and the forces of the soul, which are guided by a Higher Force ≈ Great Spirit. Grow away from being an automatic response mechanism, responding to the world based on unconscious rules, beliefs, fears, and limitations.
Know thyself! Awake to who you truly are. Agree to your inner core, your divine spark, image of God, and you will live a good life!

Mission StatementAmplify Consciousness of the Human Race

Our Mission is to Amplify Consciousness of the Human Race and better Weave the Web of Life with more love, lightness and freedom! Transformation is a fact! Come on to a very profound journey.

The essentialsMore about Shamanic Constellations

  • The principles - Orders of love

    Content for orders of love Read more here.

  • How can I constellate?

    One can either constellate an issue in a group or in individual sessions. People have different preferences but both can be equally effective. We encourage you to try each kind. More about our sessions.

  • How can I train?

    Whether you want to become a facilitator and help others or just help yourself, join our group and learn. Learn about your internal, interpersonal and transpersonal dynamics. Find out more.


The TeamMeet the trainers.

Gui (pronounced Ghee) came to life in Brasília, Brazil’s capital, born to a Gynaecologist father and Psychologist mother 52 years ago. He was a timid and athletic boy, competing in swimming and water polo until he started theatre and dance classes at 16. There he met his extrovert side and started earning money as a clown, dancer and actor, which led him to go through a bachelor program in Theatre Arts. His performances took him to Africa, Europe and the USA.

He moved his career focus from arts to Spiritual Psychology (Master degree from USM – California) after drinking Ayahuasca a few times in Los Angeles, a practice he keeps for 25 years now, and that led him to undergo initiations on both South African (Ithwasa) and Native American shamanic traditions (Vision Quest, Sun Dance and Star Dance) being a Pipe carrier, Lodge pourer and member of the Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire’s Council.

Practicing psychology since 1997 in penitentiaries, schools, clinics and private office, Gui combines his master thesis – Laughter Therapy – with other training. Nowadays he helps individuals and families at ecovillage where he lives and in his many travels through America and South Africa to teach that harmony in family is key to success in health, love and good life.

Family and Business Constellator trained by Bert & Sophie Hellinger, Thomas & Ursula Franke-Bryson, Svenja Wachter, Karin Schoeber, Una O Connel, Richard Wallstein, Christine Essen, Laszlo Mattyasovszky, Gláucia Paiva & Oswaldo Santucci, Eunice Brito and Alício Gobis.

Bachelor in Scenic Arts; Master in Spiritual Psychology; Reiki; Amazon Flower Essences; Gold Hummingbird Medicine; Initiation into Kriya Yoga; Quantic Radiesthesia; Sangoma Thokoza; Council of the Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire; Psychotherapist/Family and Business Constellator; Master Practitioner Satir Model; Kinesiology applied to Homeopathy, Generative Trance.

Iana was born to a couple of artists, students of Astrology in the community they used to live in, and has drunk Ayahuasca since her mom’s womb, 38 years ago. At the age of seven, she answered “I want to be a therapist” to the family friend doctor. He started her path with Reiki, Ayurvedic Body Therapy and Amazonian Flowers. She graduated in Acupuncture and Body Therapies at the National School of Acupuncture, with specializations in Aesthetic Acupuncture and Chinese Phytotherapy. He has been working in this area for over ten years.

She went through the Holistic Training for Young and trained in many healing practices. Iana also underwent initiations on both South African (Ithwasa) and Native American shamanic traditions (Vision Quest and Star Dance) being a Pipe carrier of the Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire.

Reiki; Ayurveda Massage, Amazon Flower Essences; Initiation into Kriya Yoga; Quantic Radiesthesia; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Sangoma Thokoza; Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation; Kinesiology applied to Homeopathy.

Since her initiation in Reiki I, in a workshop called The Awakening, Claudia has been interested in the therapeutic work of healing and meditation. In 2005, she began to lead people to practice active meditations, which she called Group Light of Being (Luz do Ser). In 2008, she met the Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger and since then has deepened her knowledge through courses with Peter and Tsuyuko Spelter, Ursula Franke-Bryson, Guni Baxa and Joan Garriga in Brazil and Germany.

In 2011, she also began to work with Constellations with horses. Currently she is doing training in SE – Somatic Experiencing, a therapy for the healing of trauma. She has been coordinating and teaching the Training in Family and Organizational Constellations since 2012.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (SPEI), Witness method of Active Meditation, Quick Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Reiki, Bioenergetics, Biopsychology, Training in Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation with Tsuyko and Peter Spelter, Initiation into Kriya Yoga, Systemic Coach Assisted by Horses, in training – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

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