Star dance 2018

Best Time of the Year, for 7 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ years now!   2012 >> 2018!

Star Dance is a 4 nights wonderful ritual to acknowledge and show our gratitude towards our past 7 generations and our hope for the wellbeing of our next 7 generations.

The family gathers around the purpose of becoming One Heart, One Dance with All Relations. After purification of the Sweatlodge, the Leaders harness the vibrations of the group of circa 80 people and verbalize to lift our prayers of Unity, Peace, Dignity, Harmony, Love, Truth, Justice, Freedom, Health, Prosperity, Continuation… for the Itzachilatlan family, our Ecovillage (± 120 dwellers), Humankind and All Relations.

Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth:
Four-legged, Two-legged,
Winged ones,
Swimmers, Crawlers,
Plant and Rock people.
Walk in Balance and Beauty.

Dancing around the fire pit shaped as a 7-pointed star where we deposit our hearts, intensions and energies together with offerings of tobacco, wood, medicines, smudges, corn and fruit. Lighting and feeding our ancestors and our descendants through the Sacred Fire. We are all ONE, we can dissolve the illusion of being separate from ‘others’. There is no ‘other’! We are all different forms of a unique content: Spirit. The same spirit that gives life to you gives life to everything else. We are all related, we are all relatives! To, For and With All of Our Relations. Ahô Mitakuye Oyasin!

12 hands beat the Sacred Drum, giving life, energy and pace to the Dance. Vigorous Singers and Players add to brighten up with sacred mantras to the Sun, Moon, Stars, Medicines, Directions, Water, Fire, Air, Earth… to the many manifestations of Wakan Tanka in nature and human consciousness. The Band plays sweet melodies from the stars to enliven our hearts and bodies while Dancers swirl in ecstasy, allowing Spirit to guide, protect and strengthen the movements.

We also get the opportunity to share the Sacraments of Sacred Alliance (Santo Daime & Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan). Tobacco, Grandma Ayahuasca, Grandpa Peyote, Grandchildren Mushrooms (Amanita), Santa Maria, São Pedro and Cocoa! All very sacred, all very heart opening to clear, transmute, heal, pacify, forgive and love deeply with each step we take, with every move, twist, jump, skip, circle, tunnel or snake dance. While participating, each one travels their inner universes too. In this journey, keys are found, discoveries are made and we all grow near to what we truly are: manifestations of the One Mystery ÅTao .


Free English version of one of the songs that blessed our hearts and souls:
It is born a new Humanity
A race that sings and dances to Peace (x2)
Grandpas and Grandmas

Sing and dance with emotion (x2)

Singing to the Moon
It opens in my chest my heart (x2)