“As has happened so often since knowing that I had to open a healing practice – I was very firmly pushed to do the Shamanic Constellations training with Gui.  Over the years I’ve studied many different healing modalities. Yet the nature of the Shamanic Constellations training has brought more healing for me on a personal level than any of the other modalities I’ve studied.

The training is a combination of theory, experiential exercises, shamanic practices and constellations.  In the seemingly simple exercises aspects of my family and patterns were revealed.  The space between the modules allows for the healing to take place.  So that when one steps into the next module the next proverbial layer could be stripped or in constellation lingo – unentangled.

I loved Gui’s sense of fun combined with his deep connection to Spirit, and the way in which he shared his knowledge. I have completed the training knowing that I can step into a role as a facilitator with confidence.  Thank you Gui and Claudia.”