Zulus living Ubuntu! Reed Dance Swaziland, South Africa.

The elevation of the consciousness of the being encompasses the awakening to the unity that we are.

An anthropologist was studying the customs and customs of the tribe, and when he finished his work, he had to wait for the transportation that would take him to the airport back home. It was a long time, but he did not want to catechize the members of the tribe; so he proposed a play to the children, which he found to be harmless.

He bought a lot of candy and goodies in the city, put it in a pretty basket with a ribbon bow and everything and put it under a tree. Then he summoned the children and agreed that when he said “already,” they should run to the basket, and the one who came first would get all the sweets inside.

The children positioned themselves on the demarcation line he drew on the floor and waited for the combined signal. When he said “Already,” instantly all the children clapped their hands and ran toward the tree with the basket. Arriving there, they began to distribute the sweets to each other and to eat happily.

“Ubuntu,” Uncle. How could one of us be happy if all the others were sad? “He was puzzled!

Ubuntu means: “I am who I am because we are all of us!”

Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu thus: “A traveler from the interior could stop at a village and would not have to ask for water or food. Once you stop, people will come to give you food and entertain you. This is one aspect of Ubuntu, but it has several aspects. Ubuntu does not mean that people can not become wealthy. So the question is: will you do it this way to allow your community to develop? RESPECT, COOPERATION, SHARING, COMMUNITY, CARE, CONFIDENCE, ALTRUISM. A word with so many senses. These are the important things in life and if anyone can do something like that, they will have done something very important and will be very grateful. ”

Yawanawá living Ubuntu. Kiñana Ikinai Festival. Tashka Yawanawa: “The meeting of forces of each in all, and of all in one, in one thought and strength.”