Nutrition Sweatlodge


Nutrition Sweatlodge in the tradition of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan was first guided in South Africa by our Chief Aurelio Tekpankalli in celebration of the 9 days of the Vision Quest.

In a journey consisting of four stages corresponding to each element, we symbolically return to the maternal womb, and with the help of the warmth of steam, the freshness of darkness, the rhythm and power of the drum that is our heart, of the combination of ancient remedies of soul, and sacred native chants, we plunge back into this space of oneness thatis our primordial nature …. the Universe in its splendor!

It’s a totally experiential ceremony, beautiful and cozy moments that gives us the opportunity to easily become aware of the beliefs that are imperceptible in everyday life, but that influence and might prevent the full realization of our potential.

The invitation is to seek not only meaning, but also to experience the magnitude and beauty of what is presented, without the expectation that there will be any continuity, even if the Present/Gift is all that really exists, and “continuity” does not exist.

Although something continues… we feel the opening of the heart, the pull to stay together laughing and having a ‘good old time’. This love feeling stay with us, the medicines stay with us chemically and spiritually for they are spiritual beings that help us enlarge our consciousness to be able to live in more joy, freedom, respect and acceptance towards All Of Our Relations ≈ Mitakuye Oyasin.

It feels so good when we listen to other’s prayers and we agree to them, men say Aho and women say Aha when we feel the same or want to promote what is being shared by another heart. Belonging is the first and most important yearning of human beings. When we share our medicine, each person has their own medicine, in group we feel that we belong and we can include all.

The hugs, smiles, laughter and playfulness after our November lodge in Joburg were a present from the Mystery to those whoprayed for more connection to their inner child and more good humor. Ask andyou shall receive.

Guidance by Gui Barcellos, Counselor ofthe Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, Line Leader of the Dance of the Stars andCounselor of Vision Search. Master in Spiritual Psychology, FamilyConstellator, Teacher of Shamanic Constellations and African Shaman ≈ SangomaThokoza.