Become a certified Shamanic Family Constellator
International accreditation by Luz do Ser, Soluções Sistêmicas (Light of Being, Systemic Solutions)
or apply what you learn on this course and heal yourself

The Path is Open

Happiness is in your ability to love others. Leo Tolstoy

The program results in healing of participants and their family systems, leading to a more centred, mature, conscious and responsible attitude in life which brings success to dreams and projects.

Through psychotherapy, meditations, soul journeys and rituals, students learn key answers to the biggest question on Earth – How to Love Ourselves and All of Our Relations Unconditionally?

The course contributes to practical and theoretical learning of Family Constellations as taught by Hellinger Sciencia® and the Light of Being Institute. Participants will also learn Shamanic healing techniques from Africa and America.

The final module of the training – supervised immersion – will accredit new Shamanic Family Constellators to spread these teachings through helping individual and group clients during their sessions and workshops.

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Introduction to Systemic Theory and Phenomenology
Family Constellations’ Historical and Philosophical Backgrounds
Orders of Love. The Systemic Laws
Chanupa ≈ Words from the Heart with the First Medicine – Tobacco

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